Monday, November 26, 2012

Brain Freeze

Have you ever loved someone so much that even just a few days away from them caused you to lose sleep? That's pretty much what I'm experiencing...except it's not just one someone. It's 23. That's right, 23. Unbelievable that you can miss that many people. If the truth be known it's way more than 23. But I digress....

After spending most of my summer in bed, I just knew I'd be ready and all healed up to go back to school in August. I did make it back to school...unfortunately I battled pain, pain, more pain, and the most compassionate doctor ever. After months at school, countless bottles of pain medication, my doctor finally took matters out of my hands.  He enforced a 6 week leave of absence. Now most of you are asking  yourself, "who in their right mind would have to have an ENFORCED leave?". If you teach for the love and not the summers off, you understand where I'm coming from.

It's been almost 5 weeks. While I know this time off has been necessary for the health of my spine, it grows more and more frustrating every day. I will know next week if my doctor is letting me off leave. I spend my days lying in bed, in the recliner or walking from one end of the house to the other. It's not quite as exciting as it sounds, believe me. I actually thought while I was off that I'd amass this large collection of units to use in my classroom. Ha! I pinned madly, created shortcuts and favorites. That's pretty much the extend of my efforts. I quickly found  that the more time I spent on educational sights, the more tears I cried. So hear I am, with one week of leave before I hear yay or nay. This is where the brain freeze comes in. Any mention of or viewing of educational sights sends my brain into a total freeze. Only mindless web surfing will melt this freeze.....
Oh did I mention the awesomeness of Christmas shopping online?

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