Friday, October 5, 2012

No Shame

I love books. The smell, the feel, their ability to help me escape. I love to jump ahead to the last few pages...because face it, I hate knowing there is a surprise if I can't peek. Books change your dreams, they sharpen your vision, and expand your mind. They give me a high that lasts slightly longer than the one I get from buying a new pair of shoes. I'm like an addict - give me a book, I need my fix.
I love being a teacher. That moment of watching their faces lift when they finally "get it". It's addictive, it drives me, and I thrive on it. I know what I want to teach, I know how I want to teach it. I simply lack the get up to get up and make my own products. If you are a teacher you understand when I say that the textbooks we have are pretty much useless because they don't offer enough information. If the state tells me I have to teach x amount of material, then I want it right there where I can access it.  This is why I love This is an amazing place for teachers like me. I find no shame in paying money to teach what I want to teach. Someday when I'm old and have no life outside of school, kids, and grandkids, I'll have an account on and be saving for that retirement I'll more than likely never see.


  1. Being a teacher sounds very rewarding sweet girl...Hi cousin, it's Shannon, I love this blog..I can only imagine how frustrating it can get teaching from books that don't provide enough. Also I'm a reader, I, adore books but not sure it's quite the same love I have for! Blessings beautiful
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  2. LOL I'm thankful to have a job I Love so much. I love shoes almost as much as I love books!